Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton
CharacteristicsStat Charisma.png Charisma: 6
Stat Comeliness.png Appearance: 5
Stat Credibility.png Credibility: 3
Stat Experience.png Experience: 8
Stat Intel.png Intelligence: 7
Stat MediaBias.png Media Bias: 7
Stat MinorityAppeal.png Minority Appeal: 5
Stat Religious.png Religious: 3
Campaign characteristicsStat FundRaising.png Fundraising Ability: 9
Stat Stamina.png Stamina: 7
Stat Money.png Starting money: 3000
Party and Home StateNew York Democrat
StancesAbortion Rights: 20
A Strong Military: -20
Addressing Climate Change: 20
Bathroom Bill: -10
Deficit Reduction: 20
Fighting ISIS: -20
Fixing Flint Water Crisis: 10
Gun Rights: -20
Higher Minimum Wage: 20
Hillary's Emails: -40
Religious Freedom: -20
Repeal ObamaCare: -20
Resettlement of Refugees: 10
Supporting Gay Marriage: 20
Supreme Court Nomination: 5
The Environment: 10
Wall Street Regulation: 10

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat from New York and one of the available Presidential candidates.

Bio[edit | edit source]

The former First Lady's long political career has included spells serving as both a Senator and Secretary of State, giving her both experience and baggage. Her Presidential campaign has focused on health care and women's rights.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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The Northeast should be easily held.

The Pacific States should be easily held.

Campaign in the Rust Belt States.

You might want to go Southern Democratic strategy, and try to get some Southern States.