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Jim Webb
CharacteristicsStat Charisma.png Charisma: 5
Stat Comeliness.png Appearance: 5
Stat Credibility.png Credibility: 5
Stat Experience.png Experience: 7
Stat Intel.png Intelligence: 6
Stat MediaBias.png Media Bias: 5
Stat MinorityAppeal.png Minority Appeal: 5
Stat Religious.png Religious: 5
Campaign characteristicsStat FundRaising.png Fundraising Ability: 3
Stat Stamina.png Stamina: 7
Stat Money.png Starting money: 2500
Party and Home StateVirginia Democrat
StancesAbortion Rights: 20
A Strong Military: -20
Addressing Climate Change: 20
Deficit Reduction: 10
Fighting ISIS: -10
Gun Rights: 0
Higher Minimum Wage: 10
Hillary's Emails: 0
Religious Freedom: 20
Resettlement of Refugees: -20
Secure the Borders: 10
Student Loan Reform: 10
Supporting Gay Marriage: 20
Supporting Israel: 10
The Environment: -10
The War on Terror: 10

Jim Webb is a Democrat from Virginia and one of the available Presidential candidates.

Bio[edit | edit source]

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