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Campaign Data
Electoral votes3
StrategyDemocrats: Relevant
Republicans: Irrelevant
Wealth18124000 USD
Party Affiliation
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Democrats: Democrats: 29%%
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Republicans: Republicans: 27%%
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Independents: Independent: 44%%
Political ViewsLiberal: 30%
Moderate: 49%
Conservative: 21%
Other Data
Gender makeupMale: 47%
Female: 53%
Racial makeupWhite: 96%
Black: 1%
Hispanic: 1%
Asian: 0%
Other: 2%
Age18 to 29: 11%
30 to 44: 20%
45 to 59: 40%
60+: 29
Income<15k: 7%
15-30k: 13%
30-50k: 24%
50-75k: 22%
75-100k: 15%
>100k: 19%

Vermont is one of the 50 states the candidates try to win for their presidency.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Special considerations[edit | edit source]

Strategies[edit | edit source]

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